44 Responses to Presentations

  1. Michaela davis period.1 says:

    1. how would you prepare your presentation?
    2. how would you demonstrate your presentation?
    3. how would you deliver your demonstration?

  2. donivan says: got to visual the writing can use posters , maps and charts

  3. Mark says:

    how do you use visual aid
    what are you supposed to do when using spell check
    what 3 things you should know when making a speech

  4. Amber Allyn p.1 says:

    1.what do you use for props? do you use conversational voice?

  5. Nakomis Merrick p.1 says:

    1.what kind of props can we use?
    2.can somebody help you with your presentations?
    3.Is there some special kind of order we need to use for our presentations?

  6. matthew little says:

    1.what would you write it on. you persent it.
    3.when you present it

  7. patrick says:

    1.what would your topic be about
    2. how can you present it
    3.when does it have to be presented

  8. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    1.What are some steps for presentation?
    2.How do you present your presentation?

  9. jackson baker says:

    1.what do you use to plan your speech do you prepare your deminstration speech do you deliver your deminstration

  10. ~Kathy~ Acosta says:

    1. how do you rewrite your sentences

    2. Where do use your transitions word

    3.How do you present your work


  11. Angela Cabrera says:

    1. How do you rewrite your sentences
    2. How do you use transition words

  12. catie says:

    1) why is that one page talking about giving a speech?
    2)why is Write Source name what it is?
    3)how long is the test

  13. mary baker says:

    1.why is the one page about speches
    2.why is the wright source called wright soure long is the test

  14. Mackenzie says:

    1. why is giving speeches so important?
    2.Why is the write source so important?

  15. domenic says:

    is this going to be on a test? why did we have to read this?

  16. Kaitlyn Mulder says:

    1. Is it important to use visual aids??
    2. How should you present your speech??

  17. mario says:

    1. did you use visual aids?
    2. did you use a good topic


    1.what are these pages about?
    2.what are some ideas that it gives you?
    3.why do you think presentations are so important?

  19. cristal sanchez says:

    Does your topic fit?Does it fit the audience?Is it to informal?


    1.what are these pages about?
    2.Name some ideas that it gives you?
    3.why do you think presentations are so important?

  21. Albert Pham says:

    1.What are some visual aids you can use for your essay?
    2.List the 3 ways to write an exciting opening.
    3.List the 3 things to do in a demonstration speech

  22. Maria Gonzalez says:

    1. What Are The Steps Into Introducing Your Paragraph?
    2. Why Do We Need To Learn About This
    3. Give 3 Examples On An Interesting Topic (Not Boring)

  23. jack swanson says:

    1.what is a visual aid would you write your informal plan will you present your speech

  24. Josi Gilbertson says:

    1. What kind of visual aid are you going to use for your presentation?
    2. What do you do instead of telling the audiance?
    3. Will you start your presentation with a question or a surprising fact?

  25. chy says:

    1how to write a plan
    2what was the pargqart about on pg 224
    3what does the informal out line look like

  26. Journee Reiling says:

    1. Does the presentation start with a question?
    2.How do you start your presentation?

  27. Hannah Walker says:

    1. What are three ways to start your presentation?
    2. Where does your presentation have to be seen from?

  28. Hung Truong says:

    1.What are visual Aids?
    2.How do you prepare your presentations.
    3.When you prepare your presentation what do you need to do.

  29. Kenny says:

    1. Do you like what told us in you presentation?
    2. How many times have you done this?
    3. Who showed you how to do this?

  30. Hunter says:

    1.How will you present your play?
    2.Did you use enough visual aids?
    3.Did you prepare your presentations?

  31. brenden witt says:

    1.what did you just read about in the pages above? do you fell about this paragraph?

  32. Aaron Eybers says:

    what is the the thing that helps you see exactly where a plsce is
    how big do you make your visual aids
    what are you supposed to do in a visual aid

  33. Maddie B says:

    1. What do you do after you finished your essay?
    2. How do you do a informal outline?

  34. Alison Hernandez says:

    1.How does it help explain your presentations?
    2.How does it help to rewrite parts that sound boring, in your essay?
    3.What are some of the things that grab the audience’s attention?

  35. what did you lurn about visual aids?
    How would you make oral pesentations?

  36. Mackenzie McClure says:

    1. Why is following this so important?
    2. how long is the test?
    3. do we have to make a poster?

  37. Nancy Leon M. says:

    1.Why is it important to follow these steps??
    2.Do we have to becareful when writing a story?????
    3.Why do we have to read our story out lou loud to the whole class??????????

  38. Maria Gonzalez says:

    1. Why Do We Need To Know About Introducing an interesting topic
    2. How Do we make are essay Better Than Boring
    3. List Three interesting topics that make the reader read on

  39. angelina says: will you present?
    2.what are some tips before using the visual aids?
    3.did you plan you speech with an informal outline?

  40. Max Kleinschmit says:

    1. How do you use the stoplights system?
    2. How do you revise? does a visual aid help you?

  41. Miranda Hansen says:

    what are some things you can use for your visual aid. what are some of the tips you can use for your visual aid. how can you prepar your

  42. Cassandra says:

    what exactly are visual aids
    are we going to be asked to share our writing
    what exactly is an oral presentation

  43. maddie says:

    1. What does an informal outline help you do?
    2. What doi you do after you finished your essay

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