Spelling-Vocabulary List 10 – Vocabulary Test on Friday, February 17th, 2012.

Click this link to download the WORD document: Spelling 10 Definitions

Spelling 10 Definitions—Spelling for /cher/, /zher/

preacher minister of religion
creature an animal
pitcher container for pouring liquids
lecturer a person who delivers a long speech
bleacher seats in a sports stadium or gym
archery the sport or skill of shooting with a bow and arrow
picturesque visually attractive
feature a distinct, prominent part of something
fixture a piece of equipment or furniture that stays in the same place
puncture to make a hole in
leisure freedom from duties or activities
pleasure source of enjoyment
closure process of ending or shutting something
fracture a break
moisture water or other liquid
butcher cut up an animal for food
seizure capture using force OR a sudden attack
natural not made or caused by a human
surly bad-tempered; unfriendly
demure quiet; shy; modest
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Spelling-Vocabulary List 9 VOCABULARY Test on Friday, February 3rd, 2012.

Click here to download WORD document: Spelling 9 Definitions

Spelling 9 Definitions—Spellings for /er/

favorite the one you like the best
traitor someone who betrays you
circuit a system of wires that electricity flows through
circumvent to go around
dearth scarcity
courtesy politeness
courteous using politeness
humor having a sense of what is funny
humorous funny
energy usable heat or power
energetic full of usable heat or power
courage bravery
courageous having bravery
similar alike
grammar study of how language works together
worthy having value; important
earthworm animal that lives in the soil
earnestly showing deep sincerity
enormous large; huge
famous well known
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Spelling-Vocabulary List 8–Vocabulary Test on Friday, January 20th, 2012.

Click the link to download the WORD document: Spelling 8 Definitions

Spelling 8 Definitions—Compound Words


everybody all people
anywhere any place or point
knowledge information and skills learned through experience or education
brainstorm a sudden, creative idea
stomachache a pain in the abdominal region of the body
outstanding unusual; excellent
sweatshirt a heavy cotton pullover
videotape used to record visual images
meanwhile at the same time
old-fashioned related to outdated ways of doing things
long-distance a place that is a far away
duffel bag a large canvas bag
child’s play something that is simple and easy to do
absent-minded forgetful
daybreak dawn
high school a secondary school that usually includes grades 9 or 10 through 12
headquarters the main office
themselves reflexive pronoun that refers to more than one person
merry-go-round a large revolving device for children to ride on
loophole a way of escaping a difficulty, especially in a law or contract
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Students working on typing an English assessment show great effort!

ImageStudents also used Mrs. De Boer’s website to complete their assignments.

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Spelling Vocabulary LIst 7–Vocabulary Test Friday, December 18, 2011!

Click the link to download the WORD document:  Spelling 7 Definitions

Spelling 7 Definitions—Suffixes—ed, ing, er, est

gestured a motion or movement to emphasize
hesitated slow in acting or speaking
studied take time to learn
prescribed advise about the use of a medicine or treatment of a problem
skied travel over water or snow on long, flat runners make of wood, metal, etc.
lonelier without friends or company
friendlier kind and pleasant
cleaner make free of marks, dirt, or stains
angrier feeling or expressing displeasure
admired think of with respect or approval
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Spelling Vocabulary LIst 6–Vocabulary Test Wednesday, November 23, 2011!

Click here to download WORD document:  Spelling 6 Definitions

occurrence something that happens
embarrass feel ashamed or not proud
occasion planned event
symmetry looks the same on both sides
recommend to suggest
exaggerate add details; stretch the truth
terrain surface of earth
barricade to block
alliance a group of people working for the same cause
applaud clapping
hooray a cheer
opportunity a chance
daughter a parent’s female child
opposite antonym; totally different
authentic real or official
awkward to feel odd, weird, or strange
brought past tense of “to bring “
because why; the result of
trodden walk all over; beaten down
differ to disagree
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Spelling Vocabulary List 5–Vocabulary Test on Friday, November 11th!

Click here to download WORD document:  Spelling 5 Definitions

Spelling 5 Definitions—Short and Long “U”


country outside of town
does to do it
once one time
beautiful pretty; easy to look at
unusual out of the ordinary; different
unit part of a whole; group; section
fugitive a person on the run; escapee
menu food choices
utilize use
sculpture a statue or figure formed by molding or cutting
valuable worth a lot of money or important to you
thumbprint the print that your thumb leaves
museum a building that displays items of art/culture/history/science
universe total objects in space; everything that exists
luxury something you really don’t NEED but is nice to have
sulfur chemical element used in gunpowder and medicine
customary traditional; usual
suffocate not able to breathe; deprive of air
gusty burst of wind
unceasing never coming to an end; continuous
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