Spelling-Vocabulary List 13–Vocabulary Test Friday, April 30th, 2012!

Click to download the WORD document: Spelling 13 Definitions

Spelling 13 Definitions—Schwa; r-controlled vowels

magazine a publication with articles, pictures, and stories
algebra a branch of mathematics
antenna pair of sensory organs on an insect or conductor of electric signals
efficiency ability to produce without waste
opinion belief held by a person that isn’t necessarily a fact
appearance how something looks
colonel military officer
absolutely definitely; completely; positively
national relating to the whole country
argument a fight of disagreement
article particular object or item
orchestra group of people playing musical instruments
warning sign of danger
architect someone who designs buildings
formula recipe or math principle
participant one who shares or takes part
shortage not enough; scarce
ordinary common, normal, usual
submerged placed under water
external outside; outer part

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6th Grade English Teacher at North Middle School
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