Spelling-Vocabulary List 12–Vocabulary Test on Friday, April 13th, 2012!

Spelling 12 Definitions—Silent Letters

 Click here to download the WORD document:  Spelling 12 Definitions

honorable have good character
doorknob handle
chalkboard a slate to write on with chalk
plumber person who fixes faucets, sinks, and toilets, etc.
condemn guilty; declared unfit
gnarled crooked and twisted
sighed heavy, deep exhale of breath
scented smells nice
trestle framework for a train track
drought long dry spell (period of time)
doubt question; not sure of; have regrets
acknowledge admit
wholesome healthy
castle large medieval home or fortress
exhaustion tired
shipwreck stranded
pneumonia lung disease; illness
wrestling struggle; fight
discern recognize or sense
excerpt part of…usually from a piece of writing

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6th Grade English Teacher at North Middle School
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