Spelling/Vocabulary List 11–Spelling Test Friday, March 9th.

Click here for the WORD document:  Spelling 11 Definitions

Spelling 11 Definitions—Spelling for /f/, /oi/

enough adequate; sufficient
physical relating to the body not the mind or spirit
symphony musical composition for an orchestra
coughing noise from a forceful release of air from the lungs
briefly short
cellophane a thin, transparent wrapping material
chieftain leader of a people or clan
amphibian an aquatic animal
efficient well organized; performing in the best way
flexible bendable
turmoil confusion and uncertainty
typhoid a disease causing extreme stomach pain
ointment cream used as medicine
voyager a long journey or traveller
boycott avoid
loyalty faithfulness
corduroy a thick cotton fabric with velvety ribs
oily greasy
famine extreme shortage of food
sophisticated able to understand complex issues

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6th Grade English Teacher at North Middle School
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