Spelling Vocabulary List 5–Vocabulary Test on Friday, November 11th!

Click here to download WORD document:  Spelling 5 Definitions

Spelling 5 Definitions—Short and Long “U”


country outside of town
does to do it
once one time
beautiful pretty; easy to look at
unusual out of the ordinary; different
unit part of a whole; group; section
fugitive a person on the run; escapee
menu food choices
utilize use
sculpture a statue or figure formed by molding or cutting
valuable worth a lot of money or important to you
thumbprint the print that your thumb leaves
museum a building that displays items of art/culture/history/science
universe total objects in space; everything that exists
luxury something you really don’t NEED but is nice to have
sulfur chemical element used in gunpowder and medicine
customary traditional; usual
suffocate not able to breathe; deprive of air
gusty burst of wind
unceasing never coming to an end; continuous

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6th Grade English Teacher at North Middle School
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