Spelling Vocabulary List 4–Vocabulary Test Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Click the link to download the WORD document: Spelling 4 Definitions

Spelling 4 Definitions—Short and Long “I”


buyer a person who purchases
instant right now; immediate
quietly without loud noise
plight difficulty; bad situation
describe to tell about in detail
acquire to get
typhoon storm in the Pacific Ocean
twice two times
lithe limber; flexible; graceful
scientific having to do with science
blind unable to see
decipher figure out; decode; read; make sense of
distinct different from one another; clearly seen
asylum a mental hospital
glimpse peek; quick look
pliable bendable; flexible
slight small; dainty
friction created by rubbing two things together
clinical having to do with a doctor’s office
impractical foolish; unwise; not useful

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6th Grade English Teacher at North Middle School
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