Spelling-Vocabulary List 15—Vocabulary Test–Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

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Spelling 15 Definitions—Spelling /shun/


expression act of showing feeling
collision crash
application formal request for a job
prediction guess that something will happen
persuasion influence
succession process of following an order or sequence
beautician one who assists with personal appearance
musician person who plays an instrument
starvation suffering from lack of food
reaction response
violation breaking a rule or law
imitation fake
observation notice or see
separation act of parting or division
estimation a guess
ambition great desire
action something that is done
solution answer
precaution warning
detection discovery
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Spelling-Vocabulary List 14–Vocabulary Test Friday, May 11th, 2012

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Spelling 14 Definitions—Homophones

they’re they are
their plural possessive pronoun—shows ownership
reign period of royal rule
rein narrow strap fastened to bridle to control an animal
incite to urge to action
insight understanding of the true nature of something
borough small town or part of New York City
burrow animal’s hole in the ground (noun) or to dig or hide (verb)
censor an official who examines material to see if it is appropriate
sensor device sensitive to light, sound, temperature, or radiation level
chorale type of hymn or a choir
corral pen for livestock
all ready completely ready
already prior to a certain time; so soon (adverb)
assistance help; aid; support
assistants person who aids or supports; helper
broach to mention for the first time
brooch ornamental clasp or pin; jewelry
through in one side and out the other
threw to propel forward
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Spelling-Vocabulary List 13–Vocabulary Test Friday, April 30th, 2012!

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Spelling 13 Definitions—Schwa; r-controlled vowels

magazine a publication with articles, pictures, and stories
algebra a branch of mathematics
antenna pair of sensory organs on an insect or conductor of electric signals
efficiency ability to produce without waste
opinion belief held by a person that isn’t necessarily a fact
appearance how something looks
colonel military officer
absolutely definitely; completely; positively
national relating to the whole country
argument a fight of disagreement
article particular object or item
orchestra group of people playing musical instruments
warning sign of danger
architect someone who designs buildings
formula recipe or math principle
participant one who shares or takes part
shortage not enough; scarce
ordinary common, normal, usual
submerged placed under water
external outside; outer part
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Spring Break–April 2nd-April 6th–No School! 🙂

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Spelling-Vocabulary List 12–Vocabulary Test on Friday, April 13th, 2012!

Spelling 12 Definitions—Silent Letters

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honorable have good character
doorknob handle
chalkboard a slate to write on with chalk
plumber person who fixes faucets, sinks, and toilets, etc.
condemn guilty; declared unfit
gnarled crooked and twisted
sighed heavy, deep exhale of breath
scented smells nice
trestle framework for a train track
drought long dry spell (period of time)
doubt question; not sure of; have regrets
acknowledge admit
wholesome healthy
castle large medieval home or fortress
exhaustion tired
shipwreck stranded
pneumonia lung disease; illness
wrestling struggle; fight
discern recognize or sense
excerpt part of…usually from a piece of writing
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Vocabulary Test for Spellilng-Vocabulary List 11–Tuesday, March 13th!

Make sure to study!  🙂

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Spelling/Vocabulary List 11–Spelling Test Friday, March 9th.

Click here for the WORD document:  Spelling 11 Definitions

Spelling 11 Definitions—Spelling for /f/, /oi/

enough adequate; sufficient
physical relating to the body not the mind or spirit
symphony musical composition for an orchestra
coughing noise from a forceful release of air from the lungs
briefly short
cellophane a thin, transparent wrapping material
chieftain leader of a people or clan
amphibian an aquatic animal
efficient well organized; performing in the best way
flexible bendable
turmoil confusion and uncertainty
typhoid a disease causing extreme stomach pain
ointment cream used as medicine
voyager a long journey or traveller
boycott avoid
loyalty faithfulness
corduroy a thick cotton fabric with velvety ribs
oily greasy
famine extreme shortage of food
sophisticated able to understand complex issues
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